and it is amazing to what lengths we will go to for it.

I recently bought a ball winder for my yarn, which is a great improvement, but only half of the problem, you also have to figure out how to hold the hank, so that the yarn can be wound from it, while keeping it from tangling. The solution to this problem is a Swift. it holds the yarn and spins freely for the string to be fed off of it onto the ball winder. Problem is, swifts run from $60 up, and tightwad that I am, can’t bring myself to pay that. My solution… Build one. So, for $10 in materials, and an hours work. I have this.

Homemade yarn swift I used 2 8′ 1×2’s, a 4′ dowel, a bolt, a wing nut, a couple washers and a couple nails. It took about an hour, and it works well, but I have a couple small modifications to make.

I need to pick up a wood chisel and deepen the grooves that make the top cross pieces nest together and stay in position. all I had was a screwdriver, so they are rough and not deep enough. other than that, it works excellent. And was SO much cheaper. Now I have much more $$ to spend on yarn!! LOL, like I need that!!