last week I ordered a ball winder for my yarn. I have wanted one for a long time so balling wool would no longer take hours. but they are expensive. usually running around $60. and all i have been able to think is how much yarn I could get for that much money!! Well, last week I found it on sale at for $30 and free shipping for orders over $35… and then there was the reason I was at the site to begin with, I needed to order some charms for making stitch markers. So I got the winder, and the charms and didn’t have to pay the outrageous shipping fees either!

Since it has gotten here this afternoon, I have been winding yarn. Any and all bits and balls that are worth winding have found their way to my winder… It is not great for larger quantitys (over one skein) or a thick yarn, more than worsted weight.  But since my preferences lean towards fingering, and lace weights it is great. Especially since the last skein of lace weight that I wound by hand took me almost 4 hours!! now they take like 5 minutes!