We have been battling cats using our yard as a litter box since we moved in, 5 months ago. Tried those commercial cat repellents, they did no good. Called Animal Control, they will do nothing except let you rent live traps and accept any cats you trap. Oh.. and there are no traps currently available, every day for the last two weeks,  apparently this is a city wide problem.

So, fast forward to this afternoon, I send the kids out to play, oldest daughter comes in, there is something in the yard she doesn’t recognize… I go out and look… Cat shit, and fresh. PUKE. So I bring the kids in and tell the hubby (after all, all the really gross jobs should go to a man,) and he goes out to clean it up.  In the mean time, I do a little research… Natural cat repellents… Citrus peals…we could do that, but it will make a mess… also listed… coffee grounds, lavender oil, eucalyptus oil, cayenne pepper, all of which I have on hand.

So, while hubby is cleaning up the yard, i go tell him… he sprinkled vinegar over the ground where he found the piles, then he is gonna mow, and water, first thing in the morning he will sprinkle the ground with cayenne pepper. I put a mixture of eucalyptus oil and water in a spray bottle and sprayed the tops of the fence all the way around the yard. Also we will start collecting coffee grounds after hubby’s daily coffee, and that will get sprinkled over the entire yard, coffee grounds is good for the soil anyway, and it will double duty to repel the damn cats!

Hopefully this will get rid of the fuckers, if not.. my next step may be a BB gun.