Our fenced in backyard seems to be the neighborhood litterbox. When we moved it it was obvious that the place had been vacant a little while, and that all the neighborhood cats had decided that it was their play place. we have cleaned things up… (half a street trash can full of cat shit and bird bodies) and tried to discourage them from coming back… we have bought cat repellent, and everything else we can think of.. nothing works, the realtor could care less, and won’t help.

The last straw was when my 7 year old found a dead bird in the  yard a few days ago, the cats had killed another pigeon and left it laying in my, say it again, fenced in backyard. This is making it unsafe for me to send my children out in the yard to play. My next step is to call animal control, maybe they will give me some traps for the damn cats.. I want them gone.