I have spent most of my morning researching home school groups in my area. Partly to help convince my hubby that I can pull my kids out of school next year and they will still have social interaction and other things that would benifit them. I found one today that  does a twice a month PE day at a local park, with a  trainer, as well as things like spelling bees, science fairs, talent shows. He seems to be moving closer and closer towards allowing me to do this. I also told him, that legally, what I want to do is not considered home schooling, it is a public school, through the state, and is no more ‘home schooling’ than his online college courses. If we were to continue through high school, the kids would get a high school diploma through the state, fully accredited. (But I also wouldn’t be opposed to letting them go back to school, if we move to an area with decent schools that would challenge them.)

I think I am going to spend the next several months working on convincing him, and hopefully, by the time school lets out here, in just over two months, I can just pick up the withdrawal paperwork then, and enroll them for next fall in the virtual academy. In the mean time, I will continue to provide material and education for them, since the school system here won’t.