Kinda a blah morning. I am feeling cranky and lazy, I just don’t wanna do anything but sit and listen to podcasts. Maybe knit.  I have to get some housework done. Hubby will home from drill tonight, and the older kids go back to school tomorrow (we have had two weeks of spring break.) Usually my kids are excited about going back to school, but here, the schools are just so not up to standard, that they are kinda dreading it. My second grader is BEGGING to be home schooled next year, she wants to learn that bad, and they just aren’t teaching her here.

I did manage to finish my baby blanket last night. *sigh* that is a weight off my shoulders, now I can move on to doing something I want to knit… back to working on my bag.. I really want to finish it, I want to see what it will look like once it is felted, and I can’t wait till I cant felt it, then use it.  And my hands are kinda itching for a lace project, but I am not sure what it will be yet… still leaning towards a clapotis.

I also want to just sit and read… I am in the middle of two, one paper book, and one ebook, for sitting and knitting. One is J. D. Robb’s Strangers in Death, the other is Angie Sage’s Physik, I am enjoying them both, and I am just not making enough progress to suit me.