but not as miserable and painful.

We went to  Fisherman’s wharf, and walked and walked and walked, went and looked around Ghirardelli Square, then rode the trolley to Market Square, walked up and down the hills there, pushing a stroller with the baby in it of course. Ate in a cute little 50’s diner, got back on the trolley, road back, only it didn’t go to the Wharf this time, walked our way back to the wharf.

We went to the Bay Aquarium, the kids LOVED the underwater tunnels where you could see the fish all around you, and the girls made us go through that twice. We also went to the Wax Museum, and Ripley’s believe it or not. We ate on the Wharf… then walked back up to  Ghirardelli’s for chocolates and ice cream. Brought the chocolates home, ate the ice cream there, sounded like good idea at the time. Hiked our way back to our car and made our way to the hotel.

I am exhausted, and my feet and legs ache. I think I am gonna go take a warm bath. Not sure what tomorrow’s plans are… Hubby said something about some train ride…. personally, I would kinda like to make some progress down the coast towards home.  He says Friday night we will eat in Buelten, then head through L. A. before we stop for the night, then Sat. we will take the kids to the beach for a couple hours before coming all the way home… We will see how that goes.