so I am getting ready for a long ass road trip… 18 hrs one way. packing clothes, and blankets, toys to keep 3 kids occupied in the car.. gathering up all the small shit that we will need… sooo much fun, not…

I have washed, and dried and folded probably 3/4 of the laundry in my house, and that is a ton… and I still have more to look forward to… I am working on putting together a bag of stuff for each of the older kids to hang off the back of the seat in front of them, it will hold their stuff, so it is not spread all over the car… and it will have several things in there to keep them occupied. hoping this curtails the worst of the fights that are bound to erupt between 3 kids in the back seat.

I am also working on a list of things to make sure get packed, so that we don’t forget anything…

1. Valium, for mommy, for attempting over 30 hrs in the car with 3 children and one man who gets pissy cause his driving scares me.

2. Band-aids

3. DVDs

4. Legos, for baby

5. Cups, water bottles, etc. for drinks in the car. (only water and sealed cups allowed, and no food allowed, must get out of car to eat)

6. knitting.

7. Zen, loaded with music and podcasts, and headphones, don’t forget charger.

8. palm, for reading, and ignoring rest of family.

9. Prozac, for when Valium wear off.