my sister will murder me, I mean, dead, if she ever finds this, but oh, well, it is too good to hold in any longer… 15 years has been enough.

Ok, first you have to understand that I grew up very rural, our closest neighbor was 1/2 a mile away as the crow flies, and a mile by the road. We raised birds, chickens, ducks, geese, guineas, turkeys, and  pug dogs.

One day one of our dogs brought an egg up from somewhere, and left it sitting in the yard. My sister, then 13, saw it, and went to my mother… “Mom, there is this weird egg in the yard”

Mom…”Bring it to me and let me see it.” as she was in the back of the house, doing her hair getting ready to go somewhere.  Jess brings in the egg, carrying it very carefully, My mother then looks at it and tells her “Jess, that is quite a find, that is a rabbit egg, they are really hard to find and you almost never see them, you need to go show your dad.” Now, Dad was in the shop, about a hundred yards from the other end of the house… so my sister RUNS down the hall, and out the door and is about half way to the shop before she stops… marches back into the house. She was all embarrassed. “MOM!” she said “Rabbit’s don’t lay eggs!” by this time my mother and I were laughing so hard we couldn’t see. I had collapsed onto my parents bed cause I couldn’t breathe for laughing so hard. She was right, rabbits don’t lay eggs, but it took her long enough to realize it..

The egg was actually a guinea egg that our hen had laid somewhere out in the desert, before she disappeared, and now the dog had found and thought she needed to show us her treasure. We called my sister Rabbit Eggs for years, she still hates to be reminded of it. I still laugh till the tears run when I think about it.