Why is it that in every group there is at least one who feels the need to make sure everyone follows the rules as they see them, even if those really aren’t the rules?

Yes, this is more crap from The Board. Small bit of drama today, there was one member who had some kind of security issue, and was temporarily banned, while the member and administrators could get things worked out and the security issue solved. Before it was all dealt with, another member, who has been called on this before, drug the banning public, demanding answers. Spanking ensued.

I guess my problem is with certain members of message boards, the ones who feel entitled to know every breath that goes on, and that it is their right to police the people who run the board.  This is the way I see it, you are a member here, not an administrator, or an owner,  a moderator, or even a financier of the message board, you have NO right to tell the people who are in these positions how to do things, or call them out for doing them. You are a member, not Internal Affairs to investigate and penalize inside happenings.

Basically, back the fuck off or it can be managed to make you go away permanently.