I attempted to work things out with my sister last night. Basically what we came down to is, she is not going to put up with me standing up for myself when she treats me like shit. My standing up to her if fairly new, in the past I would just take it and move on, and I am past that. I will not put up with her treating me like the mud beneath her shoes. If she chooses to make critisisms, she needs to do so in a respectful manner, not in the snide, bitchy manner that she always has with me. In the end, she decided if I am not going to just take what ever she dishes out, she wants nothing to do with me, and removed me as a contact in messenger and everything, including myspace. Personally, I regret that it had to come down to this, but I feel lighter without the threat of her next snide, snotty comment over my head. I wonder what my mother’s comment will be when the princess tells her about it, because I am sure I will get a call about it.

In other news… Not a great deal happening around here this weekend, The Board is slow, because it is a weekend. The kids are out of school, and I think after the baby gets up from his nap I will send them all outside to play. The Mate is working on homework, and I have been doing household chores, and working on knitting, and small board management crap.